Release notes


  • #71 muda.replay() to regenerate audio deformation from JAMS. Brian McFee
  • #70 Support random seed preservation. Brian McFee
  • #69 Support deformation of audio with no annotation. Brian McFee
  • #68 Pitch_hz namespace deprecation support. Frank Cwitkowitz
  • #67 Colored noise and impulse response deformers. Chuy Yeliuy


  • #61 Exposed JAMS input-output arguments in load_jam_audio and save.
  • #59 Fixed an off-by-one error in background noise sampling – Vincent Lostanlen


  • #58 Updated for compatibility with JAMS 0.3.0


  • #40 BackgroundNoise now stores sample positions in its output history
  • #44 fixed a bug in reconstructing muda-output jams files
  • #47 removed dependency on scikit-learn
  • #48, #54 converted unit tests from nose to py.test
  • #49 TimeStretch and PitchShift deformers now support multiple values
  • #52 added the Union class


This is a minor bug-fix revision.

  • The defaults for LogspaceTimeStretch have been changed to a more reasonable setting.
  • Track duration is now overridden when loading audio into a jams object.


This is a minor bug-fix revision.

  • pypi distribution now includes the drc_presets data.


Initial public release.